tip check

The Tip Check module of the ZHN enables an automated control and documentation of instrument and indenter status. For this purpose an additional fused silica sample is always fixed on the same place in a separate sample holder so that no sample exchange is necessary. The figure shows this for the LFU but also without LFU such an additional holder is available. The software remembers where measurements have been done. On one 8 x 8 mm² is enough place for 5.000 indents in a distance of 100 µm or 20.000 in a distance of 50 µm. Free positions are marked by green dots while red dots indicate the used positions.

For every indenter an application and the number of tests can be defined which shall be used for the tip check. Typically 3 tests are enough. It is recommended to use a small force, e.g. 10 mN, to identify a tip rounding or defect early enough.

After the automatic averaging and analysis of measurements it will be checked if the modulus of fused silica of 72 GPa is reached within certain limits. Also other parameters like hardness or indentation depth can be checked. The results will be shown in a chart and saved in a (protected) database.